Heart-centred practice to Transform your Life and Relationships



Welcome. I bring over 25 years of clinical psychotherapy, energy healing and Shamanic experience working with couples, individuals and groups to help people to create conscious relationships whilst transforming their lives. 

Relationships can be a catalyst for discovering your authenticity offering the potential for transformation. 

 You will discover answers to questions that have been pressing on your heart and recover your connection to Spirit, developing a conscious relationship to the inner landscape of your Divine Self—expressing your Divine Essence through a new ability to be relational rather than reactive.

I integrate various contemplative Eastern and Western approaches and practices for emotional and spiritual wellbeing. By blending this range of approaches and tools from Eastern and Western tools with Integrative Psychotherapy, Energy healing, Breathwork and Meditation, clients experience healing of the Mind, Spirit and Body.

My work is not faith-based. I work directly with healing Life Force, the ability to heal emerges from direct connection with the spirit world,  by using my energy healing, shamanic and clinical skills to get to the core of issues helping people to transform unwanted repeating patterns. This deepens and improves their relationships with themselves and others, unlocking their potential towards mastering the art of conscious relationships.

My clients experience support, clarity and awareness along with a sense of peace, balance and accomplishment.

Our complimentary members' area offers access to our archive of selected articles, meditations and videos on love, identity and relationships.

Upcoming Retreats, Workshops & Events

Sunday 12th June or Saturday 16th July  2022, Intimacy a path to freedom  London NW5 > Find out more.

20th March, 6 pm GMT (Online) Quick Nervous System Relaxation > Find out more

Soul-Led Intensives, Various dates > Find out more 

Couples Intensives Various dates > Find out More 

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