Escape the enchanted Forest  

Intimacy is a path to freedom

Are you in an endless loop of destructive and repetitive patterns accompanied by endless highs and lows?

Some people want to be swept off their feet, confusing Love with infatuation, longing for a fairy tale that ultimately keeps them lost in an enchanted forest or a cycle of unrealistic expectations and disappointments.

Are you ready to move away from negative programming and illusions about relationships thinking about, 'What's in it for me?

 Take charge of your relationships with grace, new intentions, passion, and authencity. To maintain a more loving and fulfilling relationship with accompanied by harmony, and respect. 

It's all about Love in the service of inner transformation.


What they say

Aisha, I just wanted to say thank you for the space that you hold. As a counsellor and coach myself I am in awe of the kind of spaces you need to hold in the realms of couples work.

So much volatility and battling – it is pretty remarkable and I just wanted to thank you as I feel very safe in the sessions.

I have no idea where it will take ‘us’ but nonetheless for me it has offered me much healing.

Transformational Mentor, Spiritual Coach

Aisha helped us through one of the most difficult times of our life. She has an incredible ability to listen to the individual and relate it to the couple. Thanks to her presence and attentiveness, she picked up on subtle but incredibly important issues, bringing to awareness and unlocking deep-rooted patterns. We feel really empowered after working with Aisha. Our marriage has a new consciousness. We are very grateful for her guidance and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Music Producer  

Use your relationship to work on yourself and apply the learning to your life and actions

Join me, Path to freedom through intimacy 

It's all about Love in the service of inner transformation.

Sunday 12th June or 16th July North London NW5 10.00 - 17.00

Vulnerability is power—intimacy;  into-me-you-see... a gift to yourself, to us all.

This means, among other things, not leaking energy elsewhere (especially erotically),  not distracting yourself from challenges and difficulties in the relationship, not indulging in reactivity and negativity, and not putting any limit on your Love for your beloved through distancing or withholding. Break free from behaviour that's not working, get curious about your partner again, and, ultimately, enjoy each other and learn to talk and listen differently.

Learn how to create enduring relationships

Freedom through intimacy can be gained through your relationship with your beloved. Your relationship becomes a sacred container that you are deeply committed to nurturing and protecting.

Conscious relationships 

Learn to integrate your spiritual and intimate lives, rather than maintaining separate spheres and habitual roles stuck on autopilot.  You can discover the possibilities of freedom and intimacy through conscious relating.

Access your most authentic & divine self 

During the workshop, you will receive transmissions to awaken more and expand your self-awareness. We'll practice reflection, meditation, chi kung, breath work, stillness, and deep relaxation. You may experience shifts to greater awareness and self mastery.

It's all about Love in the service of inner transformation.

Aisha brings over 20 years of clinical practice as a psychotherapist, energy healer and spiritual practitioner. She helps people navigate the thickets of reactivity, conflict, shame, anger, fear and doubt to understand them in a new light so that a deeper level of relating to yourself and your partner becomes possible. This opens new levels of trust, commitment, and Love.

Take your Relationships to the next level 

Intimacy a path to freedom and a conscious relationship

12th June or 16th July 2022 North London NW5 From 10.00  - 5pm  Fee £225 pp