SOS – A Call For A Greater World Service

A program update for your operating system is available.

Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find?

Do you feel stuck, or need to control your environment and people, you might find yourself engaged in competitive battles, needing to  feel better than, entitled, arrogant, or  feeling resentful.

When you see the world as moving parts to be manipulated and accumulated to  have more than others, your SOS might be up for repair.

If you are running on competition to achieve superiority. Struggling to earn a sense of worthiness. Denying authentic emotion. Crafting a performance of self. Manipulating and controlling circumstances. Attacking those who seem to threaten your safety. Defending yourself, assigning blame and avoiding personal responsibility. Seeking endless possession and consumption to fill the emptiness.  Fear, perfectionism, attachment, obsession, comparisons, judgment, and chasing the arrival of happiness, your SOS needs a tune up.

Perhaps your operating system from the past is unsuited for the challenges of the future because it is based on a faulty premise of separation.  Based on fear which is a response to the illusion of being separate from Love.  Fighting for limited resources

This operating system has become so efficient, it has produced a world that is consuming itself. We move faster, try harder, struggle more in an attempt to outrun a distorted culture of personal and global imbalance. The result is exhaustion, depression, disappointment and shame and trying to convince ourselves to be satisfied with what we have.

‘A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety’.  – Aesop

An obstacles to spiritual growth and happiness is a tendency to hold on to old habits and identifications. 

Emotions that might appear rational – such as feeling righteous, or depressed about a catastrophe your life  – stands exposed as the result ofirrational thinking. 

The result of this thinking will tune you  into a frequency of scarcity and limitation. You end up  manifesting more of the same. Your experiences of reality will reflect this back to you.

The universe is perfect – it does not  take sides. It listens to the repetitive stories you tell yourself and serves it right back you to  in a tangible forms you cannot possibly miss.

If you can manage to wake yourself up by focusing on being grateful for every experience, every failure,  success, breath, smile, heartache, everything becomes infused with gratitude and comes alive tenfold.

Gratitude sparks a life of aliveness, creativity, joy, wonder, compassion, empathy and love.

Thank You is the magic key to a well- oiled Spiritual Operating System.

Bless your wounded self that was taught to believe there is not enough, that you might not be worthy.

Bless your ambitions to pursue the best version of yourself. Bless your shadow, you may not always  want to admit you have hiding in the dark places in your heart.

Bless your need to love and be loved, to make a difference , bless everything and be grateful for everything .  You will stop fighting and all of a sudden begin to know the kind of curiosity about life that leads to miracles.

Everything becomes affected — your thoughts, actions, interpretations, and life circumstances.   It’s upgrading to a better, happier you .   

Happiness inspires you to interpret and respond differently to various experiences in your life.   When you  allow these transformations to happen.  

Living from the Heart is way of life that  operates on a System of  consciousness

Everything in the universe is alive, conscious and wondrous, you  can align yourself and your life with a higher truth of oneness. You can step into the field of connectivity and access resources that have been previously out of reach.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart.” Helen Keller

The intelligence of the Heart, can be described as the flow of awareness, understanding, and intuition you experience when your mind and emotions are aligned.

When you live from your heart, you feel at peace, at ease, and in control of yourself because of a deep inner knowing. You take actions with love.

You learn how to care for yourself and love yourself. You relax because you know that everything is going to be alright. Living from the heart brings balance.

When the heart is in control, your body finds good health and exists like a well-oiled machine instead of a broken-down car.

You might be so used to letting your head be in charge of your life, when you start reacting with your heart instead, it feels like a miracle, like a whole new existence…

…and it is! The heart is the centre of your body universe and the centre of your feelings.

Your head is at the edge of your body. You cannot  balance when you are living from there. Your head is not grounded in the reality of your body.
Let your heart be the centre and watch your life transform.
When you compartmentalise your life and forget what matters most, you tend to listen to those critical voices in your head… “I’m not worthy”  “I can’t” and “I tried, ”it’s not fair” nonsense and suddenly you are less than you could be.

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SOS  Retreat with Living from The Heart

Will help  know who you are, what makes you happy, your strengths and weaknesses, what makes you tick, understanding that while you are not perfect, you can the best version of yourself.

You will be encouraged to: Live truthfully, authentically, and honestly.

Cultivate and nurture what is of value in your life, not from your head, where logic rules, but from your heart, where you can feel what is right and real for you.

When you Live from The Heart, chances are things are going to be just fine

The evening retreat will introduce you some practices to manifest your creativity and potential through living from the heart .

Sign up for SOS Mondays here and the Retreat in January 2020