Day Twenty Two : Acknowledging Impermanence

‘The face of impermanence is constantly showing itself. Why do we struggle to hide it? Why do we feed the circle of suffering by perpetuating the myth of permanence? Experiences, friends, relationships, possessions, knowledge-we work so hard to convince ourselves that they will last. When a cup breaks or we forget something or somebody dies or the seasons change, we’re surprised. We can’t quite believe it’s over.’

Autumn reminds us of the impermanence of everything. After experiencing the burgeoning of life in the spring and the flowering abundance of summer, the falling leaves reveal bare branches reminding us of the fleeting nature of all things. The autumn brings home to our consciousness death and the challenge to live every day to the fullest.

Practice: Time for contemplation brings an understanding of profound truths about your perceptions of life. Hold in your thoughts ‘Everything is impermanent’ See what deeper truths you unravel.

Enter autumn as you would a closing door. Quickly, cautiously. Look for something inside that promises color, but be wary of its cast — a desolate reflection, an indelible tint.