Day Thirteen: Let go and let go again.

Are you attached to something unhealthy? A relationship, a substance, or a bad habit. Are you frustrated with yourself and confused as to why you keep doing what you know is not good for you.

Are you holding on? Are you better off  with it? What are you are trying to accomplish by holding on to bad habits?

What desires are you trying to meet?

Are you driven to create feelings of safety and control, or a need to seek  comfort?

Ask yourself; What is this negative attachment really doing for me?

It is likely that rather than making you feel safe and joyful, you feel tired, anxious and unhappy about yourself, perhaps unable to live a full life. You may seek control, yet the habit renders you out of control creating hardship rather than peace.

You may seek love, yet this relationship is makes you feel unloved.

Be honest with yourself, you know it will not change.

Letting go is a painful yet necessary part of life.  Letting go can also result in feeling free. Be assured that your attempts to control these things will never work.

When you change a bad habit, understand and remind yourself that you are truly valuable and worth the effort.

Embrace positive and life affirming thoughts.


Letting go helps you and others live in a more peaceful state of mind. It will help to restore your balance.

It will allows others to be responsible for themselves and gives you permission to leave situations and decisions that do not belong to you. This frees you from unnecessary stress.

Take a deep breath and LET GO.

Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values. – Dalai Lama