Day Six : Open To Receive Love

‘Our minds can shape the way a thing will be because we act according to our expectations’

Many people have not been taught how to receive, it is an innate skill. It’s never too late to unlearn the conditioning that veils your ability to open up and experience love, joy and aliveness.

Your task today is to become aware of how you create blocks to receiving today.


Ask yourself what do you deserve? You may find some beliefs about yourself and others that prevent you from aligning yourself to allow more love into your life. Be aware of how you respond to others when they show love and affection. Do you get uncomfortable when someone shows you kindness or gives you a compliment?

How you respond is exactly how you treat the people that love you.


Notice what happens when you think of making positive shifts in your life? Whether it is in your career, financial, love or relationship situation, does fear arise? If so you are holding onto a belief that will limit your ability to receive.

Consciously invite the fear to surface and spend some time listening to it. Experience it in your body do not judge it, allow it to be in the room with you,  pour love, compassion and understanding onto this part as you would with a young child to help them heal and grow.


Your daily experience of Love begins with being open to receive as much as you are able to give Love.