Day Fifteen :  Be Radiant

A Radiant Mind arises when unconditioned awareness radiates through the totality of your conditioned existence. When you live from the heart and experience yourself as a unique human being, while resting in a state of conscious awareness. This is a state of liberation, egolessness, pure presence, nondual wisdom, your natural condition, and effortless being.Through a daily practice of meditation, you build your Radiance by connecting directly with your Higher Self.

Fill yourself and every space with your radiance today.

‘If ten lamps are in one place, each differs in form from another; yet you can’t distinguish whose radiance is whose when you focus on the light.’ Rumi

Daily Practice Meditation:  Close your eyes and get comfortable wherever you are.  Take some deep healing breathes in and out, allowing your mind and body to relax. Focus your attention on your heart centre which is in the centre of your chest.

Using your imagination, visualize, and feel a tiny light emerging from within

Remain here experiencing the light emerging for a few moments. Breathe.

Expand the light from your heart to fill all of space around your heart…let it immerse your whole body…just like the sun fills all of space. Feel all the radiance and goodness of the light purify your aura… and gently radiate this tiny light from your body into the space around you

Feel with your entire being inviting the breathe to be even and steady.

Imagine and visualise the world around you is spinning, going round like a merry go round… use your intuition… see everything on the earth, the seas and oceans, cities, the forests, mountains, people, animals, countries, see everything spinning… feel everything spinning… rotating…going round and round… rest here.

While visualizing everything spinning and turning round…keep in touch with your inner silence for a moment… Remain in your own axis…and observe everything else spinning…rest here

See the earth spinning in an infinite radiant light…Rest here

Take a moment to reflect that this great infinite light is a divine spark that originates in your heart… rest here

Take another moment to reflect on the earth itself as a microscopic seed spinning in this radiance in your heart…rest here

Remain in a deep silence within the region of your heart… let go of all images, thoughts, feelings and just let yourself float and bathe in the radiance of the Light

Breathe… and BE…