Chi Kung and Meditation

Remerge with your soul on Living from The Heart Chi Kung & Meditation Retreat 7th – 14th September 

[highlight]Order brings sameness. Chaos brings newness every moment.
The problem is first overcoming your fear of chaos, and then mining for the great ideas and bringing them back home.[/highlight]

There is a lot of chaos and creativity in the world at the moment.

The world is changing at an ever increasing rate.

Globally politics, society, and culture is in the midst of transformation, old structures are no longer working.

Your personal Renaissance

Renaissance periods happen after a time of great darkness. things “seem” to be getting darker, those with the light within them are shining even brighter, and searching for answers beyond the veil of corruption.

The Renaissance changed the world in just about every way you can think of. Each new intellectual advance paved the way for further advancements.

Consciousness is the product of carefully balanced chaos.

There are times in life when you may feel motivated, ambitious, eager, and anticipatory. Great strides can be made in many different aspects of your life as a mental renaissance takes place…the cold, hard, dark age of the mind is over and a new light; the light of innovation; shines down upon your mental and emotional landscape, giving birth to something quite extraordinary.

Do you feel called to look inward for answers?

I am a great believer that life always offers you an opportunity for greater consciousness, if you can see that everything in your life is there in support of your growth.
It is said that humans, are a small universe interacting with the ‘big’ universe.

As a Psychotherapist, I know well how the mind can either heal us or harm us. Your thoughts are potent and can affect you profoundly.
In meditation, I have practiced shifting the monkey mind; which is constantly chatting about negative thoughts and worry; into a loving calm energy of the heart.

Join me for  Living from The Heart Retreat in Portugal 7th – 14th September chi kung, meditation, retreatIt will be a Soul boosting Week of Personal & Professional Development with +30 hours of CPD (if required)

Fill your life with renewed energy, feel alive, increase your awareness with careful attention and balance of meditation and activity.

Evaluating your belief system and developing a positive one that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit may help you find more loving calm and peaceful experiences with yourself and in your relationships.

Free yourself from your worries. Do you sometimes ask yourself?

  • How can I access my inner force and develop my unique talents?
  • How can I build better relationships?
  • How can I evolve and extend my view of the world?
  • How can I face the realities in my life?
  • How can I nurture unconditional love and compassion for myself and others?

During the week on the chi kung, meditation, retreat you will;

Find freedom from stress and enter a calm, relaxed and natural state of clarity

  • Activate your life force and strengthen and energise your body and mind
  • Be truly present in the moment and deepen your awareness
  • Contemplate, reflect and widen your understanding of life
  • Learn about the intelligence of the heart and its unique consciousness and power
  • Develop your health and unlimited potential.

On the chi kung & meditation, retreat; you will cultivate a sustained and gentle attentiveness to the movement and stillness of body, heart and mind. As you bring investigation and kindness to this constantly changing experience of life, the entanglements that bind you become more visible, allowing you to soften and open to the simple perfection of the moment.

Through this cultivation you can access a spaciousness, which allows your natural compassion and wisdom to become more available to you.

The Chi Kung practice is very much part of a meditative inquiry, using simple standing and moving exercises suitable for all levels of experience and health

The retreat will be run in a tranquil location in the forested hills of Central Portugal, situated far from the crowds, just 3 km from the beautiful ‘Castelo de Bode’ lake and 8 km from the small town of Cernache de Bonjardim. The small valley is surrounded by eucalyptus, pine and oak. The trees full, lush foliage create masses of the Qi or Chi (pronounced chee) life force that deflects toxic energy. The old manor house which has been lovingly restored with many of the original features preserved, provides en-suite bedrooms.

Attend alone, bring your partner, friend or family member to a build a more successful relationship or rejuvenate an existing one.

Bring all aspects of your physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual bodies back into alignment and harmony.

This week is open to both individuals and couples.

On this intimate retreat, you will clear anger, resentments, disappointments and grievances to move towards expansion and growth.

Working within a group allows you to explore your history to create a future of experiences where you are the director of your life, creating a new context within which to live your life.

You will experience a calm oasis within a small valley surrounded by eucalyptus, pine and oak Trees. Full of of chi, Trees with full, lush foliage create masses of the Qi or Chi (pronounced chee) life force that deflects toxic energy. A wonderful place to Heal the Heart.The environment lends itself to profound healing and meditative work to gain perspective and healing introspection.

There will be a heart-expanding exploration within the group work, meditations, reflective exercises and mind and body practices. The morning session will usually consist of breath work and Chi Kung; the afternoon sessions will be a mixture of meditation and various group exercises centered on healing the heart with time to digest the work and complete self directed tasks allowing time to stop and stare, while enjoying the surroundings of forested hills and nearby lakes and rivers.

There are places in the world, where you can feel the connection with the divine one of them is Dornes by the Lakes and rivers, known for its strong energy field. Such a place can provide answers to a long unanswered questions and make you feel the energy on a more concentrated spiritual level.