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Meditations, a lot of insight into your psyche, conscious relationships, spiritual discernment, compassion and a few courses on personal development with heart in mind. To help you Love yourself more deeply, pour that love on the world.  

Living from The Heart is about consciousness, connection, compassion, and HEART.

Communication is merely an exchange of information, but the connection is an exchange of humanity.


Take Your Relationships & Consciousness To The Next Level Practices & Courses With Heart In Mind - Nourish Your Mind, Body And Soul. 

We are collectively and individually on a journey towards growth and learning to be more vibrantly alive. 

The intelligent approach of Living from The Heart offers a pathway towards greater compassion and humanity. 

Collectively we are stronger when we recognise that  Gentleness is more powerful than force. 

Heart-Centred Practices with You in Mind is Ready for You.



The core values of Living from The Heart  offer guidance towards a profound understanding that;

  • You are an incredible being who supersedes the sum of your parts.
  • You are a cosmic being having an existence in a uniquely human context and a cosmic ecology.
  • You are conscious and aware of being in a relationship with yourself and others.
  • You make conscious choices and are 100% responsible for your life.
  • You live your life with intention, aim towards your goals,  and become aware and conscious of what you are doing and will be creating.  Seeking meaning with the fullness of your presence, authenticity and creativity.

Meditation Room

Find stillness & inner radiance

Spiritual Warriors

Consciousness Network


 Courses With Heart In Mind

Mantras & Affirmations

Film Therapy

Breath Work

Inhale & Exhale 

Eco Therapy

Integral ecologies, regenerate 

Build Better Relationships With Heart 

 Healing Collective Trauma

Transforming your shadow