Live your Life with Intention

‘You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.’

Intention is an important element in any journey. Intention begins with a recognition, of what feels good and joyful. It does not matter how faint, momentary or fleeting. It is unmistakeable and unforgettable because it feels good. Remember for that moment you felt good about yourself. When you form an intention for yourself, you are setting an intention to feel that experience again, to feel it on a more consistent level.

Intention begins with the realisation that you can choose how to be.

When you clarify your intention, a space of consciousness opens up within you. There is a realisation that you can become someone who feels goodness more of the time. Your internal dialogue shifts to an acceptance of the radiance that is innately part of who you already are. You recognise your innate goodness. You have begun a journey to become more of who you already are, deep inside yourself. This journey involves purging layers of conditioned behaviours and responses that have prevented you from recognising your true self, from feeling a deep and loving connection with your inner being and others.
Be Authentic. What do you want most from your life? Do you want to learn how to open your heart? Do you want to be of service? Would you like to learn about compassion and kindness, about self-love, do you wish to learn to love others? What is your heart’s desire? What areas of your life need attention? What has been neglected?

Ask your heart what it needs. Write it down. Share your intention with a trusted person who can support you in your efforts.
Make a commitment.
Explore what each of these commitments look like. Set yourself daily, weekly and monthly reminders of your goals. Put into practice a routine that supports these changes you wish to make in the present, always return to this moment.
Before you get out of bed affirm I am having a fun or productive day.
Before you leave the house, affirm that I have quality time with my beloved and loved ones.
Before you start your car, affirm that I have a safe journey.
Before you go to work, affirm that I learn something and can be of service to others.

Commit for the long term
Any lasting change requires a long term commitment. If you want to be healthier, you might have to alter your lifestyle i.e. Change your eating habits for good. Challenges befall all of us in many forms it is the cycle of life, beginnings and endings. It is not what happens to you but how you cope with these obstacles that are important.

Listen to your heart
Answering life affirming questions demands you to look deep within and reflect upon your life.
Think about your life for a few moments. Get a pen and paper. Take a deep breathe in and out just focus on your breaths. Relax your body, take slow deep breaths inhaling and exhaling. Place your hand over your heart. Notice what is in your heart today even if there is sadness and suffering. Pay attention to where you are right now. Pay attention to what you are doing. If you are sitting what are you sitting on? Where are you? Are you indoors are outdoors what your surroundings are? Who or what is close by in your environment? Become aware of the sounds around you. Close your eyes and tune into the sound of your heart beating.
Only you know the answers to your hearts deepest longings. Take a few breaths relax and ask your heart the following;

Where am I
Why am I here?
What am I longing to do with my life?
Where do I want to be?

Have Hope
After you have set your intention make a commitment and listen to your heart. Then surrender. You cannot control the outcome. You can take conscious and positive action in the direction of that which calls to your heart, you must trust that the process will unfold in a way that is best for you not necessarily what you want. Your life may head in a direction you never dreamt of.
Intentions are much more powerful when they come from a place of contentment than from a place of lack or need. Be grateful for all that you already have.

‘If you just feel happy for what you have, have an attitude of gratitude, and be grateful, then it will come true, you will be great and you will be full.’