Day Twenty One : Seek Balance

Autumn: ‘A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.’

Notice the wonderful colours of autumn. The light is poised perfectly between day and night each one equal in length. In Love everybody is equal. Consider how you can restore your balance to all areas of your life, relationships, health, wealth, mind, body, well being.

Take a look at balance in your life. How do you balance your needs with the demands of others? Are you giving and receiving equally?

Practice: Make a list of your inner harvest today all of your achievements and experiences over the past few months. Restore your gratitude of life as you recognise what you have completed  and how you have dealt with challenges. Take this time to consolidate your energy and fine tune all you have achieved since the beginning of the year.

What are the new things that have entered your life that you wish to keep or discard? What could work better in your life for you? What have you been working ion that has not manifested yet? What is missing from your life that you would like but you have not worked on yet?

Be grateful.