Day Seven : Opening To Give And Receive

‘Each Day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.’

Give yourself plenty of space today to grow and be yourself and shine in your uniqueness. Give yourself space to give and receive abundantly. Be open to beautiful things such as ideas, openness, truth, joy, healing, and include others.

Daily Practice: Take a deep grounding, calming and detoxifying breath. Breath in and fully inhabit your body reminding yourself that you are here and alive. Affirm that ‘I am enough’.

The act of giving and receiving Love does not change this. ‘I am enough’.

Today you have freedom to choose what to think, where to go and who you surround yourself with, appreciate what and who is in front of you today. Use your freedom in a loving way. Choose Love.

Be open to invitations and make connections by making invitations to others.

Become more discerning with what you give. Give truly from your heart without expectation.

Stay conscious of how receieving empowers those who give to you your attention by listening. You can give your appreciation through your thoughtful observation of others. By really seeing you offer your quiet observation and presence. Accept others and yourself.