Day Nine: Let Love Inhabit Every Conversation.

‘Do not seek perfection in a changing word. Instead, perfect your love.’

Today do not take any relationship or encounter for granted, be open to loving.

Even when you find yourself in trying circumstances see if you can allow and observe your emotional reactions, then melt back into the core of love, your heart.

According to Mohondas K. Gandhi, “if your wishes are pure, then they become true”.
Your thoughts can become negative with dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, or beliefs.

As you transform your thoughts, you can transform your feelings and transform your life.

The truth is that every single one of us has greatness and immortal genius inside.
It is important to follow your vision, intuition, and inspiration so you can achieve what you are here to accomplish in life.
Everyone wants to love and be loved, to appreciate and be appreciated, and everyone wants to live his or her dreams.
So begin today by allowing Love to inhabit all that you do.