Day Eleven : Finding Balance.

‘Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.’ Epicurus

 What is out of balance in your life? Relationship with yourself or other people?

Daily Practice: Take time to explore areas of importance within your body, mind, and spirit. Which areas are affected?

How is your health, how do you inhabit your body?

Is your intellect under stimulated, what do you need to feed your sense of awe and curiosity in life?  We are our thoughts. Your thoughts precede your actions; with a change of mind you can change your behaviour and experiences.

Are your emotions out of reach or out of control? Are you receiving enough Love and affection? Perhaps your relationships need a change. Perhaps the amount of love and contentment in your life is at an all time low?  Are you suppressing emotions with substances and behaviour? Repressed feelings do not disappear. They can influence your behaviour and can create illness and disease in your body if not expressed; rendering you disconnected from yourself and others.

Is your ability to find balance in all relationships circumstances and to be present to joy and love diminished?

Are your work relationships difficult? Is the career you are pursuing harder than you expected, have faith that the tide will turn soon.

What is your relationship with money like? Are your finances in a ram shackled state? Do you need to practice self discipline? Are you open to receive abundantly in all areas?

What is your relationship like with yourself? Become conscious of the decisions you make that lead you to greater balance or discord in your life.

Transformation occurs when you consciously take action, bringing with it clarity, passion and commitment to your growth and well being.

There is no better time than now to shift your life in the direction of your dreams.

DO NOT dwell on negative areas or scarcity in your life.

Shift your attention; shift your energy to receive that which you are giving out energetically.

True love emerges from a state of emotional balance. One of the purposes of being in a relationship is to maintain a loving equilibrium. If one partner is manic and up, the other partner helps bring them back down into balance. If one is down and depressed, the other will help lift them up. If one partner becomes arrogant, the other brings them down. If one becomes deflated, the other helps them up. That is how a loving how relationship works.

This balancing act maintains the divine order and true love.

The moment you achieve balance and observe the perfect equilibrium around you, you will be liberated.

You come to know that the world is perfectly balanced, both within and without.

Only then are you able to manage your own life and no longer be controlled by the good or bad opinion of others.

You begin to create your own destiny and allow the enlightened part of you to direct your life, rather than let yourself be ruled by the part of you  that is wounded  the part that both hopes and fears.
When you begin to see the balance everywhere, you awaken to the possibility that maybe there is a hidden order and intelligence to becoming conscious in your relationships.

Love has two sides: support and challenge.
Supporting someone can make a person weak and dependent, or encourage and nurture their capacity for self love.
Looking for elusive, one-sided events in a two-sided universe is the root of people’s so-called suffering. When you embrace the balance and the truth, love surrounds you.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Today take action to restore balance in your life and start Living from The Heart©

30 days to consciously bring love into your life.