Conscious relationships

Conscious relationships

Supporting aliveness, satisfaction and growth in intimate relationships. Relationships are a scared path. A Conscious relationship is a path of self-realisation. Being conscious is more than being physically awake and more than just being aware. Awareness refers to knowingness at the mental level, while consciousness is a state of knowingness that encompasses all mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself. To be conscious is to have awareness of your thoughts, emotions, your own existence, sensations, and surroundings.

Humanity & Consciousness 

Humanity is on the brink of major transformation. Relationships are the missing link to creating a collective consciousness of humanity, contributing to a healthy, happy, whole, and peaceful planet. It is your ability to relate to others and yourself in a responsible and compassionate way that can be transformative.

Responsibility is the willingness to take ownership over any “baggage” that you bring to your relationships. When you heal your relationships, with yourself, your partners, your family, and your communities, you create the possibility of a conscious and peaceful world. It begins with you. If you bring your entire reality into full consciousness and take positive action, you will find yourself in the flow of life. In this state of grace, ease and lightness you find yourself no longer dependent or reliant on things being in a certain way good or bad for your well being. The consciousness you operate within is equivalent to the lens with which you see reality. Your perceptions, beliefs, mind-sets and values you hold now are a result of the consciousness you are operating in. When you experience a shift in your consciousness due to an Aha moment or inner realization, you are breaking away from your old consciousness,  old belief systems and attitudes. You begin to see things in a new light.

The shadow & Consciousness  Many people at some point run into all the unconscious stuff they have never looked at. One day the unconscious material from the past can become re-enacted or recreated in an undesirable form. Everyone carries a shadow and wounds from the past which are inevitably triggered in close relationships. In other words, you may expect to feel abandoned, not valued or listen to, worthless, trapped, rejected, unlovable. You may look for this unconsciously.

Are you invested in the myth that relationships should only feel good?

When something difficult occurs or when uncomfortable feelings emerge, or when things have not gone to plan. You might fail to see in these situations that these difficult feelings stem from your relational patterns – the past affecting you in the ‘here and now’. These feelings and issues are not caused by the other person, they have been created from your past wounding, beliefs and relational patterns. Be conscious about your relationships by not attributing blame, hate, anger and guilt. Do not enter into bouts of insanity, despair, depression and self doubt. Here you will find yourself feeling powerless, constantly looking outside yourself for approval and answers. You can step into conscious relationships with yourself and others and gain peace and clarity.

Becoming conscious requires you to look at your past and current issues in relationships and take responsibility for them, it is only then you are able to create something new and dissolve dysfunctional relational patterns. Most of your core wounds, fears and traumas develop as a child within your relationship to your primary care givers. Often people who have suffered trauma consciously try to suppress their recollection of the painful events. [quotes]‘Over time the forgetting becomes automatic rather than wilful, in the same way that riding a bicycle requires a great deal of conscious mental and physical effort during the learning phase but becomes automatic over time’. David Spiegel[/quotes] Relationships work when you have the awareness to look at yourself truthfully and explore how your life experiences as a child has shaped how you respond to life now. A conscious relationship requires people who encourage one another’s growth, their relationship strives towards something greater than gratification. The relationship is a journey of evolution, where people create opportunities to grow. You are here to grow. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When growth stops, you will feel like something has gone wrong. Without growth, you are not fulfilling your path. Learn more about conscious relationships with yourself and others Conscious relationship  weekend  2nd – 3rd June 

The Gift of Vulnerability & Listening  When you connect deeply with another person, your heart naturally opens toward a whole new world of possibilities. This opening of your heart can make you aware of the ways you are stuck and asleep. Having the courage to be open takes you into the realm of vulnerability. Here you are seen fully. Love requires you to see and bee seen in the fullness of who you truly are. When you gift vulnerability, you are creating a space for the other person to share their vulnerability with you. Here you can love and be loved for who you and they truly are. Gift someone your full presence, with an open heart, without judgment or trying to find a solution. Your emotional experiences are not problems, they are simply experiences. [quotes]’Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced’. Soren Kierkegaard[/quotes]

Trust & Integrity in Conscious relationships  Trust is a vital ingredient in conscious relationships. It begins with you believing in the value of your partners’ word and the integrity of their character. When you mistrust others, it is a mirror of the mistrust you have of yourself.

A conscious relationship requires you have integrity and keep your word. If you are trustworthy and have integrity, you will have relationships that mirror this back to you. When this is not happening and you are growing in different directions you may chose to end a relationship. Be open and present to receive all the lessons and grace a relationship can offer. To reap this bounty both of you must fully commit to being the relationship with your whole being, for the time that you are both consciously choosing to be in the relationship. Relationships inevitably bring you up against your most painful unresolved emotional conflicts from the past, continually stirring you up against things in yourself that you cannot stand—all your worst fears, neuroses, and fixations. If you focus on only one side of your nature at the expense of the other, you have no path, and therefore cannot find a way forward. This also limits the possibilities of your relationships as well. Love is a transformative power precisely because it brings the two different sides of yourself—the expansive and the contracted, the awake and the asleep—into direct contact. Love challenges you to keep expanding in exactly those places where you imagine you can not possibly open any further. [quotes]‘Intimate relationship is perhaps the ashram of the 21st Century—a place especially ripe with transformational possibility, a combination crucible and sanctuary for the deepest sort of healing and awakening, through which the full integration of our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions is more than possible’Robert Augustus Masters[/quotes]

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Continue to Grow and become conscious!